Cover Reveal #2 - Deke

Release Date: January 9, 2018Cover Design: Kellie Dennis / Book Cover by DesignSynopsisOllieWord of advice: don’t come out to random guys in public restrooms. Even if they’re charming and adorably nerdy and offer to help.My family believe I can’t be happy if I’m not out to the world. I have a bitter ex-boyfriend and an unstable NHL career to show for it. A fake boyfriend seems like an easy and quick solution to get my family off my back, and this guy is volunteering. I take him up on it without asking his name.I really should’ve asked for his name.LennonWord of advice: learn how to introduce yourself properly.In my defense, I don’t recognize Ollie Strömberg right away. I cover football, not hockey.I’m not supposed to see him again, and he’s never supposed to find out I’m a reporter.That all changes when my editor reassigns me.It’s a lesson I should’ve learned by now. Nothing’s changed since high school. Jocks still hate nerds. But even worse, athletes hate journalists. Especially ones…

Cover Reveal - Fighting To Score

Fighting to Score by Lisa B. Kamps releases on January 16th!She's worth the fight...Amazon - - - - TO YOUR TBR: Masters has it all: a promising career with the Baltimore Banners, a big house, fast cars, financial security, and—up until a month ago—the woman of his dreams. Now he's floundering, with no idea what he did wrong and no idea how to win her back. To make matters worse, her brother—Shane's former best friend—shows up and decides to get involved.Chloe Hunter has never run from a challenge in her life—until the weekend she visits Shane in Baltimore and realizes he isn't exactly the same man she fell in love with all those years ago. He's too accustomed to getting what he wants and Chloe refuses to be just another prize for the taking. That doesn't mean she's giving up, not yet.Shane will stop at nothing to win Chlo…

Cover Reveal #2 - The D-Man

Warm up with this hot hockey romance on January 14th!The D-Man by Stephanie Julian is coming soon!ADD TO YOUR TBR ⇢ attract…and ignite.On the ice, Justin Perry is always in control. As one of the Reading Redtails’ best defensemen, he plays with an intense focus and skates like he was born on blades. Off the ice, he’s content to keep his head down and his eyes on the prize: a spot on an NHL team. Except when Vivi Martin’s around. She’s bright, bold and beautiful and Justin can’t make himself look away.Vivi can’t help but notice Justin’s interest and, yeah, she’s not immune to his awkward charm or his grin that steals her breath. But falling for another athlete who will only leave and break her heart is the last thing she needs. Been there, done that. No t-shirt required. She’s too busy working three part-time jobs to make ends meet while figuring out how to use her passion for photography to build a career.Until Vivi gets a peek at what’s underneath Jus…

Cover Reveal - Game On

Game On by Kelly Jamieson is coming soon on January 15th! Amazon: Apple: Nook: Kobo: Google: When the stakes are this high, it’s game on. . . .

“Kelly Jamieson is an auto-buy for me.”—New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips

Cam Brickley and his pro hockey teammates bet on everything: who can win five faceoffs in a row, who can do forty pushups in less than a minute, who can eat a ghost pepper without puking. But when his buddies bet him he can’t date the same woman—like, say, the hot blonde over at the bar—for two months and not fall in love, he’ll take that bet all day. Then he’ll laugh all the way to the hockey arena, where they’ll be washing his jock straps for the rest of the season, because Cam’s never giving up his bachelor lifestyle.

Olivia Lockwood, heiress to the Lockwood Industries fortune, is used to people using her for her money and family connect…

Book Blitz - Shopping For A Baby’s First Christmas

Shopping for a Baby’s First Christmas By: Julia Kent (Shopping, #15)Publication date: December 6th 2018
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, RomanceMy mother wants all her kids and grandkids to spend Christmas Eve at her house and wake up on Christmas morning together.Sounds reasonable, right?And it would be.If it weren’t my mother.My husband, Declan, is protesting any involvement, though he’s openly intrigued by the idea of claiming his territory by suggesting we have sex in my childhood bed.And by ‘suggest,’ I mean make a series of really hot offers that make me whimper when I have to say no.Wait – why am I saying no again?Mom has turned her house into a Christmas showcase that makes Frankenmuth look like the picked-over clearance rack at Target on December 26. You know those crazy people on Etsy who make felted gnomes out of belly button lint and use … a certain kind of hair… to make thatched roofs on little decorative elf homes?Those people are saner than my mother.There is no forc…
He misted up, too, as he kissed her. God, what a pair. “Then it is that simple,” he said, his forehead against hers. “I’m crazy in love with you, Janey. I’m in love with both of you, with all of you—however you want to define it. And if you love me, too . . . Tell me—with that on our side, what can’t we handle?” 

“I’m not sure I deserve you,” she said. 

“Yeah, well, get over it,” he told her. “Because I deserve you.” ~~Hot Target by Suzanne Brockmann (Troubleshooters #8)