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No where to hide

This is book 7 in the Fated Date Agency series. I recommend reading the stories in the order the author intended for enjoyment and understanding.  This book can be read as a standalone, but I found it best in order.
Samuel found out when he reached out for his mate, that he had just missed him.  He had passed away before getting a chance to meet him.  Samuel found this a disturbing and upsetting moment.  He never even knew he could miss someone he never met.
Caden has had to change his looks, his life, and leave his joy of teaching behind.  He feels bad that his mother will mourn him.  He knew if he did not get away he would be a wanted man until he was killed. 
Samuel and Caden meet after Caden moves to a new town far away from his home.  He is drawn to Samuel and does not fully understand why.  Samuel finds Caden looks familiar, but cannot place him.
This is a sweet story, showing that if you are meant to be together, you will.  I found the story compelling, heartwarming, and just p…


Enter to Win a Digital Download of RIGHT WRONG GUY Brightwater Book Two BEST WORST MISTAKE Brightwater #3 Lia Riley Releasing Oct 20th, 2015 Avon Impulse The third sexy and emotional novel in debut Avon author Lia Riley’s Brightwater series set in the mountains of Northern California Sometimes the worst mistakes turn out to be the best… Smoke jumper Wilder Kane once reveled in the rush from putting out dangerous wildfires. But after a tragic accident, he’s cut himself off from the world, refusing to leave his isolated cabin. When a headstrong beauty bursts in, Wilder finds himself craving the fire she ignites in him, but letting anyone near his darkness would be a mistake. After her Hollywood life went up in smoke, Quinn Higsby decided to leave Tinseltown behind and returned to Brightwater to care for her ailing father. Spending her days in a small bookstore, her peaceful existence is up-ended by a fascinating but damaged man. Quinn is determined to not to be scared off by Wilder, not once she’s…

Blog Tour # 1 - HENDRIX

Enter to Win a Select Ebook Bundle from Loveswept HENDRIX Caldwell Brothers #1 MJ Fields and Chelsea Camaron Loveswept Perfect for fans of J. S. Scott and Emma Chase, Hendrix introduces the wild and sexy Caldwell boys—three brothers who are living up to their legendary names in Detroit Rock City.

Hendrix Caldwell wants nothing more than to revitalize the family bar—and tear down every last reminder of his no-good father. But business isn’t the only thing on his mind. An explosive encounter with a stranger at a charity masquerade is just the distraction he craves, with no names and no strings attached. For Hendrix, sex is casual, and love is a four-letter word. His commitment is to his brothers, his bar, and his bike. So why can’t he stop thinking about the naughty Cinderella who rocked his world, then left him—and her panties—behind?

Olivia Hemmingway knows fairytales are for little girls. Drowning in debt and hiding a shameful secret, she won’t be saved by a knight in tattooed armor, no mat…

Sale Blitz - FRISK ME

FRISK ME New York's Finest #1 Lauren Layne Released July 28th,2015 Forever Romance

After a photograph of Luc Moretti saving a tourist hits social media, he instantly becomes New York's most famous and beloved cop. When a major network decides to run a special on the "American Hero," Luc's boss gives him no choice but to cooperate in the name of good exposure for the department. Luc doesn't mind the celebrity status-what he does mind is the gorgeous brunette journalist who's been assigned to follow his every move. Especially since she also happens to be the same knockout that rejected him rather publicly the week before.

Ava Sims is a woman who gets what she wants. And what she wants is to be CBC's lead anchor-but to get there, she'll need to nail the fluff piece on the playboy cop. Luc Moretti is everything Ava knows to stay away from: a stubborn charmer with a hero-complex. But the more Ava gets to know Luc and his oddball family, the more she realizes…

Release Blitz - HIS WORK OF ART

Title: His Work of Art
Author: Shannyn Schroeder
Series: Hot & Nerdy (#4)
Release: 10/27/15
Publisher: Kensington
Word count: 35,000 (novella length)
Format: digital
Heat level: spicy (r-rated)

Author contact:

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Shannyn Schroeder is the author of the O’Leary series, contemporary romances centered around a large Irish-American family in Chicago and the new Hot & Nerdy series about 3 nerdy friends and their last spring break. When she’s not wrangling her three kids or writing, she watches a ton of TV and loves to bake cookies.

Book Blurb:

Reese Carter is definitely not your average college girl. She’d prefer to spend Saturday nights playing Hero’s Crusade than attending a wild frat party on campus. When she bands together with Adam, fellow comic enthusiast and illustrator, it…


Title:  Unshakable (Able Series #4)  Author: Gigi Aceves  Blog Tour: October 26 - 30  Genre: New Adult  Hosted by: S.B.B. Promotions The Wildflower and Her ShieldSophia Andrews craves simplicity in the complex mosaic world of politics.Damien Williams thrives in the complex environment of the Secret Service with great simplicity.As their worlds collide, so do their feelings for each other.Damien is her Shield. Sophia is his ever-rebellious Wildflower. His love and affection is her only wish and desire. Her safety is his prime concern. What happens when he tries to protect Sophia from the very world she exists in?Will he choose his love for his job or his love for the woman he serves to protect? Will loving Damien hinder her own happiness? Can Sophia do what is expected of her, or will she take a stand?Will the pomp that surrounds Sophia and Damien be the circumstance that will make their love UNSHAKABLE?

Link: After growing up in the Philippines, I now live in Cal…