Triple threat

This book has actually 2 books inside it.  A SEAL's Proposal & A SEAL's Sacrifice.  While they are each a short story, they both pack a punch and are a joy to read.

In A SEAL's Proposal, Sam & Bryanna want a future together.  They have made promises to one another, but Sam has also made another promise.  They must find common ground to see if it can work.  Short story but the feelings are conveyed well.  You can tell these are young kids in love and it makes for a quick read.

With A SEAL's Sacrifice, Noah & Gwen have a history he walked away from.  Now, Gwen has a life with a new man.  Can she forgive and forge a new future with a man she cannot seem to let go?  Seriously sexy and sweet.  You feel the honesty in the characters interactions and it pulls you right in.

Both stories have so much going for them, I wish they had been a bit longer.  They sure did accomplish quite a bit in so few pages.  I give this combo a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!


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