Waves of love

Sure & Carlos meet on the bus to the same event.  It is easy conversation, easy on the eyes, and quickly easy friends.  When Carlos agrees to help photograph a special moment, the plan is in place.

Carlos freaks when it all goes wrong.  How do you react to something like that?  Sure is hurt, and needs someone by his side.  Is Carlos what he is looking for?  The travel is fun to read about, the characters are hot and serious.

I found myself being glad as I read that the characters were so honest with one another.  It was refreshing.  There is so much more to this book than the typical surface love story.  What a fun and truly different read.  I give this one a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!

***I received a free advance reader copy of this book in exchange for an honest & unbiased review.


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