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Release Blast w/Review - Heartbreaker

Handcuffs aren’t just part of their job... HEARTBREAKER Filthy Dirty Love #1 Stacey Kennedy Releasing Jan 31st, 2017 Handcuffs aren’t just part of their job in this sizzling new standalone novel by USA Today bestselling author, Stacey Kennedy. Veteran cop, Maddox Hunt, is all about the job. Sure, there are women—lots of women, truth be told—but there’s no one special. Until a one-night stand from his past, rookie Joss O’Neil is assigned to his division. Suddenly, all he can think about is her. The scent of her. The taste of her.  Fresh out of field training, Joss has thrown herself into her job, determined to kick-start her career. And while police work has its thrills, her gorgeous new boss is what really gets her pulse pounding. Too bad he’s nothing but a distraction. Especially since he’s as devastatingly handsome as she remembers, and his sexy smile arrests her heart. Now that Joss is back in Maddox’s life, he has a plan: satisfy her fantasies and fulfill his every dark desire. Nothing is…

Release Day - Seven SUPER Football Romances Box Set

It's almost time for the big game.Whether or not your team is playing this Sunday, you need some romance to go with those hot wings. We've got it right here: seven SUPER football romances, love stories that go the distance and score that extra point every time.The box set includes: Patricia Burroughs: Some Enchanted Season In this doomed, yet enchanted, football season, dare they hope something magical can happen that will last forever?Jami Davenport: Blindsided A temporary marriage knocked him off his game, but love blindsided him.Ann Jacobs: The Rookie Rookie quarterback sets his sights on Marauders cheerleader.Tawdra Kandle:When We Were Us All's fair in love and football.Nicola Marsh: Bold Aussie Rules? There are no rules in the game of love.Liz Matis: Guarding the Quarterback Miss Congeniality meets the The Bodyguard.Holly Roberts: Play Love scores when you least expect it and winning is everything.Get your copy here!a Rafflecopter giveaway(If the above link is not wor…

Release Blitz - Seduced By A Rockstar

Release BlitzTitle: Seduced by a RockstarAuthor: J.L. OstleRelease Date: January 30, 2107Warning: This book is a love triangle, and does involve cheating and the leading man can be a d**k, so please beware when you do decide to read this book.My life's been turned upside down thanks to my cheating father. I have to leave my friends, my school - everything - and start over.I'm not just moving to a different town, I'm moving to a different country.I finally start to adjust to my new life....Until Sabastian Cooper. Gorgeous with piercing blue eyes and lead singer of a local rock band.I've been told he's is a player, a womaniser. He sleeps with anything with a pulse, and my cousin is crazy about him, so why can't I get him out of my head? It doesn't help that he promises to f**ck me every place imaginable.I try and move on and date someone else, not expecting the rocker boy to end up dating my cousin. We try and be friends, be nice to one another but being nice…

Blog Tour w/Review - Off Campus

Off Campus, Bend or Break Series Book 1by Amy Jo CousinsDate of Publication: January 27, 2015Blurb:Everyone's got secrets. Some are just harder to hide.With his father's ponzi scheme assets frozen, Tom Worthington believes finishing college is impossible unless he can pay his own way. After months sleeping in his car and gypsy-cabbing for cash, he's ready to do just that.But his new, older-student housing comes with an unapologetically gay roommate. Tom doesn't ask why Reese Anders has been separated from the rest of the student population. He's just happy to be sleeping in a bed.Reese isn't about to share his brutal story with his gruff new roommate. You've seen one homophobic jock, you've seen 'em all. He plans to drag every twink on campus into his bed until Tom moves out. But soon it becomes clear Tom isn't budging.Tom isn't going to let some late-night sex noise scare him off, especially when it's turning him on. But he doesn't …


Iris has moved to a whole new country with her mom.  The upheaval has taken its toll already on her family.  Then her cousin, introduces her to a local music star who thinks he is all that.

Sabastian makes music, goes to school, and apparently annoys his new neighbor.  Iris is mad at him for wanting her.  She has her reasons, but everywhere they go - they run into one another.  
I feel all that I can reading this story.  I found myself laughing and crying.  I could understand where the characters are coming from.  Very proud of the main character, she has serious integrity.  Such a fun read.  I give this book a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!

***This copy was given for an honest review.

Little lies

This is the 7th book in The Manhattanites series.  This book can be read as a standalone novel.  For reader enjoyment and understanding, I recommend reading in order.
Vive and Rod meet for the first time at the farm.  I say this term loosely since they are both recovering addicts who have had a lot to deal with over the last year.  Vive has great friends who want to help, and that makes all the difference.
Rod has had his life torn apart.  Nothing is the same.  He can actually say he has hit rock bottom, and lost everything.  When he comes face to face with his adversary, however, he is not sure at first how to react.  They both are hiding secrets that can change the course of the future for both of them.
I felt like this was the best book in the series.  It had such depth.  The characters had to really lose to win.  It was a very powerful story, infused with humor and heat.  The sexy times are really hot!  Great add on for The Manhattanites series.  I give this book a 4/5 Kitty's…

Bundle up

This is a book bundle.  Made up of 5 books the author has out now.  I have chosen to review 2 of them, and encourage you to read the works he offers.  They are delightful to read.  They can be read in any particular order.
A Love Story is about Alex, an elementary school teacher who cannot find a job.  He ends up working for Giles mom.  She is concerned since her son is eccentric.  There is a ton of humor, and some food mentioned that just made me really hungry.  Very good book and an easy afternoon read, if you are looking for one.  I give this a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!

Ride With Me is about Sure & Carlos meeting on a bus.  They decide to travel the world together and have some unexpected adventures.  The biggest surprise of all is how they feel about being separated.  Really good story with heart and heat.  A couple of guys who just know what they want and then try to get it.  I give this book a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!
For more details on Ride With Me from my original review, CL…


This is book #6 in The Manhattanites series.  This can be read as a standalone novel.  For reader understanding and to avoid spoilers, I recommend reading this series in order.
Kiki has had it after being dumped by a jerk.  She meets Dejon and Dash and things change almost right away.  First, there is intrigue.  Second, there are sexy times.  Last, there are choices.
Dejon & Dash both want her.  There are many secrets being kept on all sides.  Many surprises are in store for the reader .... and I do not want to spoil. 
Very hot read for more than one reason.  Perfect for this series, if you ask me.  I was having a little bit of a hard time following but this book picks up pace pretty good.  The mystery throughout makes it fun and exciting too.  I give this a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!

***This copy was given for an honest review.


Maddox & Joss have an incredible encounter.  Then they end up working together.  Neither one wanting forever out of it.  What could happen if they give in and try for more?
Joss has a lot to lose if she gets caught with the local playboy.  Her job could be on the line, as well as her reputation.  They must decide if they are willing to risk this much to be together.
Seriously hot romance book!  I was wondering for a bit there if my reader was going to catch fire.  Very well written, with a pace that is quick and pleasant.  I loved the characters together and was rooting for them.  I cannot wait to see what will come next in the Filthy Dirty Love series.  I give this story a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!

***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review only.

Sale Blitz - Pretend It's Love

One fake relationship shaken not stirred… PRETEND IT'S LOVE Behind the Bar #2 Stefanie London Entangled Lovestruck Bar manager Paul Chapman is sick of his family’s traditional ideals. Marriage, babies, and a white picket fence? Not his gig. But now that his ‘golden child’ big brother is tying the knot, Paul’s screwed. His ex will be there…and she’s having his cousin’s baby. Unless he wants to show up to the wedding alone and face his family’s scrutiny, he needs a girl on his arm. Now.

Cocktail specialist Libby Harris has spent her life earning the nickname Little Miss Perfect, all to win the love of her wealthy, controlling father. But she deviated from his plan, and now her business is on shaky ground. If it fails, she might as well kiss his respect-and her dream-good-bye. Her only hope? Convince the hottest bar in town to take on her product. Luckily for her, the owner’s brother is sexy as sin and in need of a perfect girlfriend… also at  Pretend It's Love by Stefanie London
My ratin…