True love

True Crime: M/M Gay Romance (Drop Dead Book 1) - Peter StylesGeorge AKA "Geo" and his best friend Alex AKA "Lex" are well known for their podcast about True Crime.  It has humor, and talks about things others do not like to discuss.  Many family members are not good about it - and dating?  Forget it.

Lex and Geo have never met.  They talk every day, and their friendship is solid.  Others find this weird, of course.  No one really understands these two but them.  Love must come next, right?

Sincere and sweet in so many ways.  This story made me laugh, cry and just all around feel.  I loved it and I look forward to more books in the Drop Dead series and about these characters.  I give this story a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!

***I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.


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