Gordon "Mac" MacGregor is in the business of protecting others.  It is more than just instinct.  As a former Army Ranger, he has the training and experience to complete that drive to protect.  Now, his biggest hurdle is resisting the woman he should be guarding.

The Protector: MAC: A Cover Six Security Novel - Lisa B. KampsTabitha "TR" Meyers is a writer, who has stumbled across something sinister.  She keeps getting messages that urge her to look further.  Is that anonymous messenger a help or a hindrance?  Should she bother to go into the dark?  Maybe with Mac with her, TR can feel safe about wherever she is.

Well let me just take a breath and say - WOW!  This new series hits the road running and does not take a brake for anyone.  Let me just warn you .... this is seriously hot and sexy.  Every page filled with angst, tension, & some hotter than hot sparks.  I am literally on the edge of my seat now waiting for the next book, since I am so excited from this one I can hardly sit still.  My instinct now is this author is getting added to my must have list.  I give this a 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!

***This early copy was given in advance for an honest review only.


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