Letting go never felt so good.

Carlisle Queen & Mateo Butler met in Spanish class.  He is the TA and is always finding it funny that she cannot do the accent.  He has been trying to get her to go on a date for about a year. 

Salvation (Nashville Nights Book 2) - Robin CovingtonCarlisle has many issues from her past making it difficult to move forward.  She has honestly never planned to do so.  She used to be an Olympic Swimmer and has the 12 medals to prove how food she was.  After a bomb stole her friends, her job and the love of her life - she decided it was no longer worth living.

Mateo is just getting to know the real Carlisle and he likes her a lot.  He has a bog family and good support system so he wants to be there for anyone who needs him.  If that is Carlisle, then so be it.  So what if they are so hot for each other that the clothes often come off.

Carlisle is already possibly dying or could eventually be paralyzed by the shrapnel in her back.  She takes life as a video game, since she does not plan to live too much into the future.  She keeps everyone at a distance, since she finds it rude to hurt those she cares about to take her own life.  She is also determined to do so.

Mateo changes her mind on a lot of things.  Can this choice to leave the human world be one of them?  He convinces her he loves her.  They are both so stubborn it is a toss up who will win.  

Such an extraordinary story about two lives who make the others better.  I found myself cheering, crying and completely unable to put this book down! This is the 2nd book in the Nashville Nights series, and soon we will have book 3!  I give this story a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!

******This ARC copy was given free from Netgalley.com and the publisher, for review purposes.  My honest opinion was given and does not reflect Netgelley, nor its affiliates.


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