Falling is hard

Ryan Pierce meets rocker Dagger Drummond, when writes an article on him.  While there he leans something spicy - but chooses not to be like a tabloid and keeps it to himself.  Ryan and Dagger become friends due to the fact he can be trusted and now, they talk all the time on the phone.
Fall For Me - Ann Lister 
Dagger does not have many that he can trust.  He is a famous rock star, writer, and lead singer for his band.  They become good friends and Dagger continues to flirt with Ryan.  He is attracted to him and makes that very clear.

Ryan is afraid.  He is remembering that his first kiss was his best friend, and also a guy.  Now, he is attracted to Dagger and it completely frightens him.  As an entertainment journalist, he meets lots of musicians and others ask him out as well.  He does not know if he should be offended, he does not think of himself as gay.

Dagger fell for Ryan right from the start and wants to be in his life however he will let him.  They are both vulnerable from the hurt from their pasts.  Trying not to make new mistakes, Ryan pushed Dagger away.

The relationship that develops is so honest and real to read.  I loved how they tried to respect one another and be honest in all they did.  I found this book to be a keeper!  I give it a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!


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