Southern Charm

Shelby and Declan's story is mighty complex.  Declan and Shelby knew each other from before.  Then they were friends in college.  Now her sister is posing for his art.  

Caught up in You - Kim BoykinShelby is trying to keep it together.  She works hard, she cares for her community, and she has friends who do the same.  Now, her sister is staying with her until further notice.

Declan has come home to take care of his father.  Since being back, he has found a comfort in all things familiar.  Seeing Shelby again has changed everything for him.  She cheers his father up also.

Shelby has a secret that it appears Declan does not know.  To tell him or keep it to herself?  Can the old flame burn bright again or will fear make it impossible to have a love connection?

Declan wants Shelby.  He has glimmers of her and her skin to the point of his memory almost driving him mad.  He needs to get through to her that he is here to stay.

The story is full of strong characters.  The feelings between Declan and Shelby make for good reading and a lasting love.  This is Book 5 from Lowcountry Lovers.  I give this book a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!

***This ARC copy was given free from and its publisher, for review purposes.  My honest opinion does not reflect Netgalley, nor its affiliates.


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