Series is spectacular!

This is the beginning of the Cut & Run Series.This book is the story of how Tyler Grady & Zane Garrett become partners at the FBI.  Kind of like the odd couple, they are opposites who really do not get along at first.
Cut & Run - Madeleine Urban,Abigail Roux 
Ty is a former Recon Marine, who tends to be messy, outspoken and incredibly honest.  He has lost a partner recently, and does not care to have another one.  Most agents are afraid of him and his past.  

Zane is a former man that was a lot like Ty, but since his wife died he has cleaned himself up.  He is good with numbers, climbing the ranks at the FBI, and tries his best in all he does.  

Becoming real partners takes time.  Trust is hard to build - even more so when the partners in question are not inclined to trust to begin with.  Chasing a serial killer brings out the best and the worst in them.

The characters in this book are complex, honest, forthright, amazing and capable.  Reading about how they solve this case is really interesting and I could NOT put this book down!  When they start to look to one another for more than partnership, and real feelings are at stake it is hard to choose who to root for.  Really good story from an amazing series!  I give it a solid 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!


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